Bathroom Renovation Seven Hills

Bathroom Renovation Seven Hills

Reasons to Add A Floating Vanity to Your Bathroom

There are so many amazing and unique ways to add a touch of modernity and elegance to your bathroom. One of these ways is a floating bathroom vanity.

 Floating vanities have been gaining increasing popularity in recent times among homeowners. They have also become quite a versatile, unique design option that complements different bathroom styles.

 As the name suggests, a floating vanity is a wall-mounted cabinet that is anchored above the floor and doesn’t go all the way down like a standard vanity does. In doing so, it creates a ‘floating’ illusion as if it’s levitating in space.

There are several reasons for you to add a floating vanity to your bathroom. When planning your big bathroom renovation in Seven Hills, bring an expert on board and they’ll be able to help you decide what style of vanity would best suit your bathroom.

Till then, take a look at the many benefits that floating vanities have to offer to you and your bathroom.

A Clean, Modern Look
One simply can’t look past the clean, modern, and elegant aesthetics of a floating bathroom vanity. It can instantly elevate the look and feel of your bathroom without you having to do much. That’s one of the reasons why homeowners nowadays are going big on bathroom renovations in Seven Hills and are transforming their current traditional vanities to the floating design.

More Space, More Storage
Putting the aesthetic feature aside, floating vanities help bathrooms look bigger, brighter, wider and more spacious. Since a floating vanity is anchored on the wall without extending to the floor, you have all that floor space for storage. From stashing a wastebasket under the cabinet to showcasing all your toiletries and linens, you can do so much with the extra storage space.

Easy Cleaning
A huge problem with traditional cabinets and vanities is that they can quickly become a breeding ground for insects and dust bunnies. With a floating vanity in your bathroom, you can say goodbye to all such nuisances. You can easily clean not only the vanity itself but also the floor space beneath it. Since there are no unreachable nooks or crannies in a floating vanity, deep cleaning is no trouble at all!

Show Off the Gorgeous Tilework
So half your bathroom is hidden by all those traditional cabinets? No worries, float your vanity and show off the gorgeous tilework on the walls and the floor!

That’s the beauty of floating vanities – they give you a chance to display the bathroom design and decor without cluttering up the space or concealing the beautiful tilework.

Final Word
Floating vanities are a modern addition to any bathroom and they have a number of incredible benefits to offer as well. However, make sure to note that this isn’t a DIY project and requires professional installation.

 Reef Renovations can help you with seamless and quality bathroom renovation in Seven Hills. We can install your floating vanity for you so that you can start enjoying all the wonderful benefits right away

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