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4 Best Floorings for Your Bathroom

In many parts of the world, choosing the right flooring for your home comes down to the external appearance. You want your office space, dining room, living room or even the bedroom to look great; performance is important but compared to looks, the former comes second place. With bathroom renovations in South Wentworthville, however, the game changes. 

When you pick a bathroom floor, keep in mind its performance under stressful circumstances. And the stress event in this case involves water. Water is an expected existence in the bathroom rather than an anomaly, being on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Once moisture seeps into the flooring, it can ruin it and to make matters even worse, you will have to put these factors into the remodelled flooring process. A sheet of vinyl or the ceramic tiles would win everytime if it was just moisture involved. However, the additional aspects of cost, appearance and ease of installation need to be considered as well. Mentioned ahead are the 4 kinds of floorings that would fit your new bathroom well. 

1.Natural Stone
If your pocket allows it, natural stone can be a good choice for bathroom. The latter is hard, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Stone flooring comes with an excellent resale value for homes. Since stone flooring can be slippery, the coldness and slipping-element can be controlled by installing radiant heating in the bathspace. The slip factor can be mitigated through sand-blasting or purchasing naturally textured stone such as slate.

2.Engineered Wood
Not sure if you have heard about it but engineered wooden texture is better than solid wood especially under the high moisture conditions during bathroom renovation in South Wentworthvile. The reason being the former’s dimensional stability. Engineered wood has a plywood base that makes it resistant against moisture. Since the top layer is made of real hardwood veneer, the engineered wood can come off as an authentic wooden structure. It is true, however, that any type of wood product is bound to get damaged in inevitably wet bath spaces. 

3.Vinyl: Tile, Plank or Sheet
Vinyl, the supremely practical floor option, has been around in the bathroom spaces for decades. In case, a lot of water is expected to spread across your bath areas, such as children’s washroom and laundry rooms, sheet vinyl flooring can control the issue from getting worse. Because of its large size, vinyl sheets can be installed seamlessly in a small bathroom. The luxurious vinyl floorings usually come in widths of 5 minches and 48 inches in length. Most vinyl jobs are DIY’s but if needed, you can always reach out to an expert to the job to the T for you. 

4.Solid Hardwood
The solid hardwood might give you a “hard” time keeping the moisture out but being a slightly better quality than carpet, the former feels great underfoot and matches the bathroom aesthetic impeccably. If you really want solid wood in your new bathroom, then make sure it is installed perfectly, leaving no gaps for moisture. That means you should site-finish the hardwood floor rather than pre-finishing it. The site-finish helps to flood the seams between boards with coating which blocks the moisture getting in from the top side. 
For your bathroom renovation in South Wentworthville, it is vital for your to stick to water-proof flooring, allowing the space to withstand maximum number of accidents, regular bathing and children who love to play during bath time. Samcorp Bathrooms has a range of flooring options for your new bathroom and the best pick should not have to be so complicated. Feel free to reach out with one of our experts to discuss your bathroom remodel project.

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