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Guest Bathroom Renovation - Modern Ideas for Inspiration

If you often have a lot of guests and visitors coming over to stay with you, it’s probably a good idea to have the guest bathroom renovated.

Whether you have family members joining you for the holidays, or a friend looking to crash at your place for a few nights, a fully functional and upgraded guest bathroom is one of the best ways to welcome them and make them feel at home.

The guest bathroom is often overlooked in terms of decor and design especially by homeowners who don’t get a lot of visitors. However, the truth is that an updated, modern bathroom can significantly boost your home’s value if you ever plan on selling it.

Take a look at a few great ideas for guest bathroom renovation in St Leonards that you can use for inspiration to give your guests a warm welcome.

Shower Bath

Caught up in the whole tub versus shower debate?

Get both and give your guests the best of both worlds!

The two-in-one system is called ‘shower bath’ and it lets you choose for yourself in terms of opting for a long, relaxing bath or a quick, hot shower.

During your bathroom renovation in St Leonards, make sure to choose the right spot for installing the shower bath because location matters a great deal.


Any bathroom is incomplete without proper storage options to hold all your bathroom essentials and accessories.

Same goes for guest bathrooms; you need to create adequate storage space where you can hold all the required essentials for your guests such as extra towels and toiletries.

Built-in shelves are an ideal option for storage. You can also go for floating shelves if your guest bathroom is small and you have space constraints.

 Makeup Vanity

If there’s a small, unused corner in your guest bathroom that’s not designated for anything in particular, you can create a nice little makeup vanity for your guests with a wall-attached table and a sliding chair or stool.

This spot will serve as a place for them to get ready during the day or whenever they are heading out. You can stock the vanity with basic supplies like hair accessories and beauty products if you want or you can leave it be.

Statement Wall Feature

A creative wall can change the entire look and feel of your guest bathroom while complementing the overall theme of the space.

Bring out your creativity and get a statement wall feature for your guest bathroom renovation in St Leonards to not only give your guests something colorful to look at, but to also create a personalized space for them.

Final Word

These modern ideas for guest bathroom renovation are just a few of many that will help you create the perfect space for your guests. An upgraded guest bathroom is as important as a guest bedroom to make your guests feel comfortable and to provide them with all the necessary essentials that they are likely going to need during their stay at your home.

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