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5 Best Bathroom Shelving Options

No doubt, organizing your new bathroom can seem like a daunting task. Similar to every other seemingly difficult job, there are many solutions to the ordeal like the very affordable and nifty one: installing bathroom shelves. Neat shelves can be lifesavers for people with smaller bathroom spaces in their bathroom renovation in Summer Hill, especially where extra space is a luxury and storage is a distant dream. For this problem in particular, bathroom shelves are the only viable option and chic way to store your daily toiletries. For that reason, we are bringing you 5 of the best bathroom shelving options to spruce up your newly decorated bathroom space, making it more storage efficient as well as appealing to the naked eye.

  1. The Vdomus Tempered Glass Bathroom Shelf
    The Vdomus bathroom shelf, as the name suggests, is big on boosting the overall bathroom aesthetics with an aluminum-based frame. The latter provides a shiny finish while the tempered glass offers an elegant way of storing items on the bathroom shelf. Since the design is two-tiered, the shelving allows for maximum efficiency in the tightest of bathroom spaces. It can also hold up to 20 kilos of weight.
  2. The Tangkula Wall Mount 2-tier Bathroom Shelf
     The Tangkula shelving has a chrome-plated texture which is also waterproof, hence, withstanding excess humidity in the bathroom. The spacious shelf ledge provides plenty of room to put in dry towels. Furthermore, the two rails add to the overall bathroom utility by covering the vertical storage space to put away the wet bath towels. Fortunately, the design has a semi-circular build that adds to the overall modern aesthetics of the bathroom.
  3. The Homfa Bathroom Shelves
    The Homfa shelves are made carefully from eco-friendly and one hundred percent authentic bamboo sticks. That also provides the brown shelves its elegant traditional look. The bathroom renovation in Summer Hill can warrant support of a three-tiered shelf supporting the towels as well as toiletries in a neatly tucked, pleasant-to-the-eye, manner. The top storey is mainly aimed to store any additional items that your bathroom may have. The best part is their easy installation as a bamboo rack can be placed on the flat ground apart from a wall-mounted position.
  4. Knape and VOGT Wave Glass
    One of the most exquisite designs, the Knape and VOGT shelving is a utilitarian option in between the glass bathroom shelves that are set on the market. The corner shelf is tempered-glass that utilizes the corners of all bathroom spaces with great efficiency. The brackets are small and enhance the shelf’s graceful look by providing full support and minimalist design. A design easy to install and maintain, supporting upto 11 kilos of weight with elegant ease.
  5. The Lancher Bathroom Shelf
    The Lancher supports a basket-like shelf design with two-tiers, providing good storage options to put away your toiletries safely. The two-tiered shelving option can hold upto 22 kilograms of weight and is supported by a rust-free aluminum construction. The corner design gives ample storage space that is usually left unused. The design is no less appealing to the eye as well, with its modern yet traditional look. Strategic bathroom storage solutions are important in creating an organized toilet look especially during a bathroom renovation in Summer Hill. No matter the size, a viable shelving option helps you take proper advantage of the wall space while keeping the clutter to the minimum!

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