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Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom With These Clever Ideas Heading

A small bathroom does not need to be a need for worry. With some clever design ideas, you can make the most of your small bathroom and make it look enormous. These tips and tricks can be used in your bathroom renovation in Telopea to incorporate design ideas that will make your small bathroom feel like a light, airy and open space.

Design and renovation makes a huge difference in bathrooms to make them look appealing. If your small bathroom is an issue for you, you do not need to feel defeated as you can easily turn it into a luxurious space that feels like a hotel bathroom.

Glass Door Shower
Instead of creating an ugly box inside your bathroom with a closed shower, you should opt for a glass door on your shower. You can even choose to not have a door at all and have a free standing shower. This will elongate your space as it will not break up the lengthened view of your bathroom. This design trick is a great way to keep your bathroom functional yet open. It will make a huge difference if you decide to implement this strategy in your bathroom renovation in Telopea.

Add A Mirror Wall
Another trick that will make your bathroom look gigantic is the addition of a mirror wall. You can make the wall behind your sink into a large mirror which will give the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Choose a mirror that does not have frames or patterns, instead, pick one that goes all the way till the end of your wall to make them look endless.

Extend The Bathroom Tile Into The Shower
A clever trick that makes your bathroom look bigger and more cohesive is using the same tile pattern in your main bathroom area and your shower. This creates an effect of continuity that makes your bathroom seem like it is stretching on for forever. It also helps with the planning process as it saves you the effort of having to pick different kinds of tile for your bathroom.

Add A Ledge
To make the most of your wall space, you should consider putting in a long shelf that is in the same tile as your wall. This will add some interesting elements to your wall while keeping up its illusion of a big space. These shelves are a practical choice as you can make good use of them as storage for bottles, towels and more. You can also place some decor and magazines on the shelves as even though your bathroom may be small, it can still be fancy.

Small Bathrooms Can Make A Big Impact
Having a small bathroom does not mean it needs to be ugly. You can easily elevate the design of your small bathroom with the tips mentioned above. In your next small bathroom renovation in Telopea, make sure to strive for openness, freshness and simplicity to keep your bathroom looking stunning.

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