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How To Integrate Wood Into Your Bathroom

Wood is not always the first or the best choice to be considered for a bathroom remodelling project and for all the real reasons: they get damaged if it becomes wet. However, with the times changing and interior design becoming more advanced, it is easy to find waterproof wooden materials for use during the bathroom renovation in Tennyson Point.

The main reason to choose wood for a bathroom is aesthetic. While all wood types are common, they have a few things in common that make them appealing to the eye such as the patterns within the grain and natural lines. The tonal kind of wood is warm which creates a homey and inviting feel in the room.

Why Would You Use Wood in the Bathroom Anyway?
Wood is a good choice with regards to its physical components – a worthwhile factor given the time spent in the bathroom every day. Moreover, wooden components can be gelled into any style be it traditional or modern, it can be tailored as per your requirements.

  • Wooden flooring One of the common ways of bringing the natural aspect of wood into the bathroom is wooden flooring. There are many advantages to choosing wood for the floor; the first being the low cost compared to tiles. Secondly, wood comes in many different colours, shapes and sizes so there is something to suit all bathroom themes and designs. A wooden type of flooring is waterproof since it is coated with polyurethane which makes it easier to clean, wipe and dry, preventing water to permeate the surface.
  • Wooden furniture While there are many materials that go into the bathroom renovation in Tennyson Point, wood is always a better choice. It is possible to find a wide range of bathroom products made of wood – fitting all colours, looks and tastes – such as furniture sets and individual pieces at the big bathroom stores. Whether you want your bath space to stay traditional or have hints of modernity, wood never fails to fulfil your dream bathroom aesthetic.
  • Wooden accent pieces Wood can always work in two ways; the main material or “show stopper piece” in the bathroom or a type that adds subtle touches to boost the interest of the bath area. For instance, it could be something as simple as the plant pot, frame or even a small shelf to add contrast to the existing colours. That is one of the chic ways of approaching this trend without giving your new bathroom a complete overhaul and is easy on the pocket too.

The list is endless of the ways to bring wood into your bathroom. Whether you are looking to subtly accessorize the space or give your bath area a whole new look, the natural feel of wood can boost the overall look of your bathroom a siginficant amount. Wooden walls and floors are, indeed, stylish but using pallets is a fun way for your bathroom renovation in Tennyson Point to be a success and have your space have a shabby-shic look. At Samcorp Bathrooms, the possibilities are endless, and there is a wooden bathroom idea to style every type of style and budget.

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