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6 Benefits of Acrylic Showers

Believe it or not, acrylics were not known to be a bathroom’s best friend back in the day. From being thought of lesser of all bathtub and shower materials, acrylics are now available in a wide variety of textures, designs and colours that can help you achieve the dream look for the bathroom renovation in Wareemba.

Without tearing the wallet and breaking the bank, you can have a remodelled bathtub and shower area in a relatively short amount of time. Mentioned ahead are some of the benefits of installing acrylic shower surround in your newly built bathroom.

  1. Acrylics install fast
    If you want your bathroom renovation to go by fairly quickly, prefabricated acrylics can help you with that. You can either hire a professional for it or do it yourselves, the job can be done in one day. You can’t possibly get faster than that when other materials and processes can take days or even weeks to get mounted.
  2. They are incredibly lightweight
    Since acrylic is a type of plastic, you can expect the shower surrounds to weigh lighter than the tiles. In case your home’s flooring has structural issues and can’t hold on to too much weight, then installing acrylic showers can be the best solution for this situation.
  3. Easy on the pockets
    As mentioned before, acrylics are reasonably priced, in other words, cheap. If you don’t have much to spend on your bathroom renovation in Wareemba then consider getting acrylic shower fixtures for the new bath space, while also being able to focus on other aspects of the room.
  4. The base is flexible
    The acrylics have a flexible base and hence, make you less worried about the texture cracking due to shifts or flexes within the subfloor. You don’t have to think about the gapping and leaks happening due to the shower base’s flexibility either. There is a thin layer of mortar present that can be easily applied to make the bottom steadfast, preventing cracking and securing surrounding shower materials.
  5. Seams, what seams?
    It is not the final look but the number of visible seams that determine how your shower placement has been done. In the case of a DIY kit, you should expect to see a few corners and the top of the shower pan showcasing a few seams. For a completely seamless installation, feel free to hire a professional and get the job done!
  6. Maintenance is a fair game
    Unlike the tiled showers where you need to scrub the grouts out with all that you have in you, acrylic surrounds are easy to keep clean. Rest assured, you can secure that backbone and pain for a later time. All you need is a few minutes to get your acrylic shower looking bright and fresh.

 Picking the right material for your bathroom renovation in Wareemba can be tricky but also fun when you have done the research needed for the job. With plenty of shower options available in the market, your choice should always depend on your needs, budget and design in mind!

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