Bathroom Renovation Warwick Farm

Bathroom Renovation in Warwick Farm

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing spots in our homes where we go to unwind and relax. For many people, it’s their most favorite place where they can do whatever they want. However, at the same time, bathrooms can also be dangerous, especially for small children and older adults given how they are prone to accidents and injuries.

It is imperative for homeowners to ensure safety in the bathroom by taking effective measures to help prevent the risk of falling or slipping accidents. From installing adequate lighting and handheld shower heads to keeping the floor dry at all times, we’ve rounded up a few useful bathroom safety tips to help make your bathroom a safe and secure place. You will need a professional to help you with a few things so make sure to hire a competent person for bathroom renovation in Warwick Farm.

Make Sure All Installations and Fixtures Are Secured Properly

First things first, make sure that everything in the bathroom from cabinets and shelves to toilet papers holders and towel racks is secured properly. Nothing should be attached loosely in the bathroom to avert the risk of falling.

If you find either of these things hanging loosely, call someone to fix it right away.

Install Adjustable Shower Heads

As the name suggests, an adjustable shower head allows you to adjust its height by moving it up or down as required. This type of shower head also limits your movement in the shower since you can use it even while sitting on the bench.

If your bathroom doesn’t have an adjustable shower head, it is best to get one installed by a renovator at the earliest. We offer bathroom renovation in Warwick Farm and can help you with this.

All Bathroom Surfaces Should Be Skid-Proof

Bathroom floors are generally wet and slippery and this contributes to slipping accidents. You need to make sure that all surfaces in your bathroom are skid/slip-proof by keeping the floors dry at all times, using slip-resistant floor mats and perhaps getting the anti-slip treatment done on bathroom tiles and fixtures.

Install Grab Bars

When it comes to bathroom safety, grab bars are an absolute must for they prevent the risk of slipping and falling. You must install quality and sturdy grab bars next to the bathtub, shower and the toilet.

When standing up or sitting down, you can hold onto them for balance and support, and this especially applies to children and the elderly.

Final Word

Bathroom safety should always be a priority for homeowners regardless of whether you have kids or old adults in your home. Accidents can happen without any warning so it’s best to take all measures to prevent them from occurring. Samcorp Bathrooms offers a range of services for bathroom renovation in Warwick Farms.

We bring you the highest quality materials and excellent services to help you with all your renovation needs. Call us on and let us help make your bathroom a safe and secure place for you and your family

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