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4 Victorian Bathroom Renovation Ideas for the Modern Home

Anyone looking to redesign their bathroom must consider the Victorian era of design. Not only does Victorian design fit the aesthetic of any home, it adds a degree of luxurious appeal and radiates class and stature unlike any other design choice.

 Victorian styles have become commonplace in bathroom renovations in West Hoxton. Attention to detail is essential in Victorian styling, and here are 5 aesthetic changes according to experts at Samcorp Bathrooms that you can make to your bathroom to immediately add some medieval grandeur to it.

Victorian Stylized mirrors
Bathroom renovations start with commonly used objects in them, the most important of which is the mirror. Bathroom mirrors in modern and postmodern design aesthetics are often overlooked. A vanity mirror is called such for a reason – it is used daily by the residents of a home. Keeping it stylized and clean prevents your bathroom environment from becoming obscure and your home from feeling unwelcome.

 Styling your mirror in a Victorian aesthetic is easy. Add some metallic or wooden casing around the mirror. It does not need to surround it completely; in fact, keeping it on one side (usually the top one) fits the design into almost any bathroom environment.

 Control the Lighting
 Lighting can both make and destroy the design aesthetic in any room. Too much of it will make the space feel obnoxious, especially with the whites and reflective surfaces in a modern bathroom. Keep lighting to a comfortable minimum, with natural light allowed as much as possible, but with multiple levels of artificial lighting available as well.

The Victorian aesthetic takes the availability of natural light as one of the most important design choices. In bathroom renovations in West Hoxton, natural light can be used with ease as it is abundant. The addition of stylized curtains to control the light also goes a long way in making the space feel pleasing to guests and residents.

 Curtains – Simple or Extravagant?
Simplicity is the best solution to most design problems, or at least that’s what most modern design experts will want you to think. Curtains are your opportunity to truly express your own style and preferences in your bathroom.

 Always remember to make sure that your chosen designs complement each other. You can order any design you wish with custom printers, and try out different color palettes and complementing colors before you press the buy button as well.

Cabinets – A Staple of Victorian Baths
 Modern bathrooms are characterized by walls of drawers and cabinets not because of their size, but their flat designs and pale colors which make them almost identical to the actual walls of your bathroom. Victorian cabinets are easy to find but hard to place. As a rule of thumb, place it between the sink and bath, or under an additional mirror.

 Final Word
The Victorian aesthetic is becoming popular in bathroom renovations in West Hoxton. Its elegance is undeniable. On a closing note, it is important to remember that the design choices of a Victorian style bathroom are extremely subjective, and that you should take into account other aesthetic choices of your home as well.

 Chandeliers work well with this design, but modern art might not. In a changing world, the medieval beauty of the Victorian era remains one of the most sophisticated design aesthetics a home can have.

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