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5 Reasons to get Curbless Showers

When it comes to home renovation projects, bathrooms can be some of the best rooms to invest your money in. Once you get the research and design right, upgrading a bath space will make your home more convenient and comfortable. Additionally, the return on investment on the latter is at par with the bathroom renovations in Wiley Park.

 In case you are serious about making changes to your bathroom, it is worth considering installing a curbless shower to the mix. Mentioned ahead are the 5 reasons why:

  1. Easy Accessibility
    When you are young, it is easy to step over the edge of a bathtub with no second thoughts. However, not everyone will find it so easy. For senior adults or people with physical disabilities, having a barrier in their way can be difficult to handle. They may not be able to enter the shower without assistance. With a modern curbless shower, though, they will be able to easily walk, clean and come out. Even if your home does not have any citizens with mobility issues, making your house accessible to all kinds of individuals can make a difference when the time comes to put the place on the market.
  2. Its Got Space
    Bathrooms feeling small and claustrophobic is not something uncommon especially when they are packed tight with a toilet, sink and shower. A curbless shower space helps in removing all unnecessary barriers, creating the impression of a larger space for your bathroom renovation in Wiley Park. You can enhance this look by getting the right floor fixtures; for instance, tiling can make an area seem a lot more spacious than it actually is.
  3. Water Flow Shibang
    Some homeowners stay wary of the curbless showers for the fear of water seeping out of the space and flowing into the rest of the bathroom. However, the new designs for curbless bases contain a slope to ensure all water drains in the way it is supposed to. It depends on the installation of the shower. If done correctly, you shouldn’t ever have to deal with water flowing outside of the glass door.
  4. Easy to Clean
    Let’s admit it: cleaning the bathroom is not the best of chores. But it has to be done all the same so why not make it quick and easy for ourselves?

Compared to traditional showers, curbless cubicles are easier to manoeuvre since they have fewer barriers and more open space. And because of the sloping design of the floor, water should drain before leaving any unwanted residue on the gutter cap.

  1. More Decor Options
    The curbless shower range comes in a vast number of decor types. Some homeowners prefer installing a glass door during their bathroom renovation in Wiley Park, separating the shower from the rest of the room to maintain an open and airy feel with better lighting. Others also prefer a rustic wood enclosure for a timeless vibe.

 Regardless of your personal choices, there is bound to be something of your liking that fits in perfectly with your bathroom and makes showering a cleaner, quicker and better process. Call up Samcorp Bathrooms today if you are planning to get a curbless shower installed and we will guide you through the process!

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