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3 things to consider before choosing between a bidet and a washlet

If you have spent a considerable amount of time searching for bidets online, you must have come across all different kinds: bidet attachments, washlets, toilets, traditional toilets and much more. The experts at Samcorp Bathrooms have come up with three main things to keep in mind while setting a debate between washlet and bidet so you can feel confident with your choice on what to install for the bathroom renovation in Sydney Olympic Park. 

A Bidet and Washlet: Which One is Better?
Bidet seats with washlets are quite popular among the majority of homeowners compared to traditional bidets. The reason is that washlets take up less room and offer more features. They are also easy to install and available at a range of price points. Mentioned ahead are the three things that you should consider before taking the plunge and investing in a washlet or bidet:

1.Features, Features and Features
Bidet seats are available in two versions: electric and non-electric. The latter offers a basic cleanse and is powered by the home’s water pressure. Some non-electric versions can provide warm water cleansing if they get connected to the warm water line, otherwise, most of them provide cold water washing only. 

On the other hand, electric bidets need a Residual Current Device to offer homeowners a wide range of wash features such as warm seats, nozzle oscillation, spray, user presence and auto opening lid, providing a convenient washing experience. No doubt, the washlets have premium luxury units that make them gadgets of high quality, design and construction. 

2.Spaced up
Similar to all bidet seats, a washlet replaces your existing toilet seat during the bathroom renovation in Sydney Olympic Park. The bidet seats or washlets don’t require any extra floor space while a standalone traditional bidet takes up about the same room as a regular toilet. The average bidet has dimensions between  14 – 16 inches wide and 24 – 28 inches deep. Before you purchase either one, it is important to keep the measurements in mind and what size suits your bath space. 

3.Easy Installation 
The installation process for washlets is quicker and simpler. Most homeowners can’t even DIY it in less than one hour and you don’t need special tools to put the gadget in place. In case, of course, you think the project is not for you to handle, feel free to call a local expert. On the other hand, installing a traditional bidet in the bathroom can be quite labour intensive since the space may have to be reconfigured along with various other changes. Unless you have considerable experience in remodeling bathrooms yourself, we recommend seeking help from a local company. 

We understand that the “bidet buying” process can become overwhelming especially when you only want the best for your bathroom renovation in Sydney Olympic Park. Hence, by looking into the considerations mentioned above, the purchase process might become a bit easier for you, turning your toilet into a convenient space for you and your loved ones at home!

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