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Expert Home Renovation Services in Sydney

We can provide comprehensive home improvement services to help you achieve your dream home.

We treat every home improvement project as our own, with meticulous planning and attention to detail to ensure quality and execution in everything we do. We understand that every home renovation is as unique as our client’s personality, so we aim to understand and conform to your needs while considering your style and budget.

Anything you can imagine is possible with our experienced Sydney-based rehabilitation company.

The process

There are 4 main phases of renovation and expansion and each phase can involve different experts:

Assessment and Design:- You can design your own modifications or get expert advice and services. You can get advice from a licensed energy expert who will examine your home and advise you on the best and most cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency. An architect or designer can also provide such advice and develop plans for structural changes. Occasionally your builder may be able to provide design advice or have a designer on their team. 

Approvals:– If you need board approval, you can go through the process yourself or get expert advice and services. Your designer or builder should be able to assist you with this process. 

Building:- you can work alone or use the services of experts. You need licensed experts for some special modifications like plumbing, gas and electric. 

Certification:– If you require certification, you will need a municipal building inspector or a registered private certifier to inspect the construction work before certification is complete.

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