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Looking for laundry renovation ideas? Well, if the kitchen is the heart of every home then the laundry is most certainly the engine room. It’s time to show your laundry a little love. With some clever thinking and space-saving ideas, it’s easy to take on a laundry renovation and increase the functionality with a new design. The latest laundry appliances such as dryers and washing machines will help you to keep your whites white and your colors bright in a room that you’re proud of.

Laundry Layout Ideas

European Style Laundry:
“When you create an incorporate of bathroom and washroom, you still have a wide range of options in terms of style and function while saving space occupied by two separate rooms,” says Samcorp. “It’s important to keep it compact, so choose Samcorp that takes up as little space as possible.”
Galley Laundry:
The gallery cabinet is a narrow space composed of two parallel rows of cabinets and shelves forming a central corridor. As a compact galley, it’s the perfect layout to optimize space and provide plenty of storage and worktop space. You can create a gallery cabinet even in a small space like a hallway, and instead of shelves and appliances on each side there can be a side wall with convenient hangers and thin shelves.
L Or U-Shape Laundry
You’ll Love how the L- and U-shaped laundry rooms offer additional space, storage space, and the luxury of freedom of movement. They also allow you to add some design touches like a hanging plant, wall decorations, etc. to truly personalize your space.

Samcorp is here to create your laundry spaces feel as stylish as possible, so by renovating your laundry, you can utilize the same cabinet door profile in your kitchen and laundry space, as well as other components such as identical benchtops and shelves.

With our exceptional laundry renovation ideas, it is possible to make your laundry look like an extension of your living spaces by choosing identical or complementary materials and introducing useful storage spaces to camouflage clutter.

Our laundry renovation team will contact you to confer your needs and work out a relevant plan that satisfies your options and budget. We will then pick it up from there and will handle everything for you. Our laundry renovation team will guide you through every stage of the laundry renovation ideas and see you through from providing the first hints of ideas right until we finish your stylish new laundry.

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